Hearing Rehab Center – Why We’re Different
Hearing Rehab Center The entire Hearing Rehab Center family—from our kindhearted and welcoming front office staff to our experienced and caring audiologists—has made it their mission to go above and beyond to ensure your better hearing experience is second to none. We do more than tell you we care, we show you through our peerless service, expert technology recommendations, and tireless commitment to your better hearing. We… Read More

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HRC Make A Difference Day 2014
Hearing Rehab Center On October 25th, 2014, Hearing Rehab Center fit 100 seniors with hearing instruments who did not have the financial means to otherwise hear better. Many of the seniors had been on the waiting list at the CGS for more than a year. Our efforts continuously support Make A Difference Day help low income seniors reduce social isolation and engage with family and friends in… Read More

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Hearing Rehab Center Make a Difference Day 2015
Hearing Rehab Center For Make A Difference Day 2015, the team at Hearing Rehab Center provided hearing aids to seniors in need to improve their lives and relationships. HRC is committed to providing excellence in hearing care to our surrounding communities. Our Doctors of Audiology help find the best hearing care solutions for patients and pride themselves on educating patients so they feel comfortable and motivated to… Read More

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