Lyric Invisible Hearing Aids


No one will know why you’re hearing better except you.

Unlike traditional hearing aids, Lyric®’s small size and placement in the ear canal make it totally invisible. Lyric allows you to enjoy the benefits of better hearing without anyone ever knowing you’re using a hearing aid.

With Lyric, you can forget the hassles of traditional hearing aids. Lyric allows you to hear 24 hours a day, seven days a week, for months at a time. You can use Lyric during your activities such as sleeping, showering, exercising, using external headphones, and talking on the phone. There are no batteries to change, no maintenance is needed, and no daily insertion is required. Lyric is a hearing solution that lets you lead your life day to day without constantly being reminded of your hearing loss.

Lyric is not waterproof.

Lyric is available at all of our locations.